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It's Time to Get Uncomfortable

Posted by Larry Linne on Sep 8, 2017 11:33:20 AM

I love September. It is the time of year where people start thinking about planning for the next year. They are back to work after summer, and they are ramped up for the health insurance renewals coming the next few months. It is a time of reflection as well as a time to think about the future.

The past is always a worthy thing to look at and remember. It is something we should look at to appreciate where we have come from and make sure we don’t repeat any bad history. However, I believe we have entered into a business world where the past is less relevant than any time in history. The future has Artificial Intelligence, algorithm driven process for insurance, cultural change, millennial generation decision making, political unrest, and complete uncertainty.

So what will all of this mean? The following thoughts may help you through your reflection and planning for 2018+. I hope it challenges you to become great:

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Topics: Future Thinking, Future Strategies