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Introducing Insurance "Marketing Mastery"

Posted by Larry Linne on Sep 1, 2017 2:24:25 PM


InCite Performance Group is pleased to announce the formation of “Marketing Mastery” - an invite only group for top-level marketing executives.

With the speed at which information moves, the rapid increase in technologies, and the ever-changing ways to reach the market, there is only one constant - everything is changing... What worked online last year might not work today. That tweet you are about to send has a shelf-life of 1 hour or so. A billboard might actually be a good investment. Google will certainly throw all of us for another loop in a few months, and the list of change goes on and on. The Marketing Mastery participants are already on the leading edge by embracing these changes effectively at their agencies and brokerages. By bringing them together, we will facilitate best-practices both from the digital side as well as the “traditional” side of marketing. This group will help their organizations as well as our membership stay on the leading edge to ensure their marketing strategy is cohesive and consistent no matter what the market throws at them.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Insurance Marketing