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"I Will Either Find a Way Or Make One"

Posted by Brandon White on Aug 3, 2016 12:52:33 PM
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Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam

I was feeding my appetite for history recently, when I began reading the stories of the great Carthaginian commander, Hannibal, when he spoke the above. The Latin to English translation is "I will either find a way or make one."  He is credited with this response when his generals told him it was impossible to cross the Alps into Italy, by elephant, during the Second Punic War (around 218 BC). This turned out to be one of Hannibal's greatest achievements in a military career that earns him praise today as one of history's great strategists.

I was reminded of this historical perspective today as I was working with an Advisor who has had a wonderful start to 2016, but recognized that their pipeline for the next five to six months is surprisingly empty. There was truly a sense of panic in the discussion because they had no idea where their production was going to come from for the remainder of the year. 

Here we are, in the throes of summer, when kids are out of school and vacation season is in high gear. The things and excuses that can distract us from our goals are all around us. What does the rest of your year look like, as of today? Are you on pace for the goals you have set for yourself professionally and personally? Those New Years resolutions feel like a lifetime ago and the goals that you committed to achieve to your manager at annual planning seem just as far in the past.

Finding a way or making one

It is time to focus on what needs to be done to "find a way or make one" to our desired outcomes. Here is how we begin:

  • Remind yourself of the planning involved in the goals you laid out.
  • Go back to the worksheets or notes that you took in preparing for 2016.
  • Reacquaint yourself with what you thought possible and why.
  • Assess what is a realistic target for the remainder of the year and make it smaller.
  • Break your goal down to simple 30-day and then one-week action items. 
  • Find an accountability partner and share your action items with them. Discuss the best way that motivates you to stay on track and develop a system of accountability that works best for you. 
  • Take the time to visualize what life looks like when your objective is accomplished. What is your stress level? What is your team feeling? How much is in your checkbook? Or what size clothes are you fitting into when your goal is reached?
  • Move...don't wait until tomorrow to act on what needs to be done today. Inaction is what has gotten us here in the first place! ;)

Remember, it's not like you're crossing the Alps with war elephants and an're just picking up the phone!


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