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Netiquette 101

Posted by Maura Derstein on Feb 9, 2016 10:40:39 AM

Digital Citizenship or “Netiquette” is a hot topic in the workplace. Digital Citizenship in the workplace is defined as having the knowledge to behave responsibly, professionally and appropriately when using technology. How we utilize and maximize this important and vital tool in our professional life can be a direct reflection of our personal brand and the brand of our organization. Let’s explore some of the challenges we face as we strive to a good Digital Citizen.    

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Culture = Brand

Posted by Maura Derstein on Dec 22, 2015 12:07:40 PM

Zappos, Nike and Apple are all highly recognized brands. We tend to think a brand is simply a slogan or a logo. However, a brand is much deeper than artwork. Brand is simply defined as “what OTHERS think of you”. We all have a brand. A company has a brand and we as individuals all have a brand too! The way we communicate, the language we use, the quality of our work, how well we work with our colleagues and family members determine our brand. Here is a quick little test. If I was to ask your fellow team members, friends or family members to list three attributes to describe you (positive, negative or neutral), what would they say? That is your brand, whether you like it or not. Remember, it’s what others think of you not what you think of yourself. The great thing about a brand is you can manage it, enhance it and even change it! A company’s brand is created by the team members it employs.

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Back to the Future

Posted by Maura Derstein on Oct 27, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Recently, the original Back to the Future movie hit a milestone.  We just reached the date Marty McFly had programmed in the DeLorean, October 21, 2015. By now, we expected to be teleporting our conversations and riding in flying cars.  Check out this cool video from Lexus.

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The "Stressed" Club

Posted by Maura Derstein on Aug 25, 2015 8:06:53 AM

Over the past few years I have noticed more and more that it's popular to be stressed.  I hear girls in my youth group; my colleagues and sometimes my own sons say they’re stressed.  It makes me wonder, when did it become cool to be stressed out?  Sometimes, it feels like a club that everyone wants to be a part of.  Is it misery loves company???

I believe we need to challenge our thinking and approach when it comes to feeling "stressed out".  I haven't met anyone, even retired colleagues and friends who aren't busy and over scheduled.

So how can we approach life differently and effectively manage and appreciate the activities and opportunities that fill our workday and life?  Here are a few thought exercises to think through:

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Building Agency Culture with Language

Posted by Maura Derstein on Jun 23, 2015 7:51:06 AM

LANGUAGE DRIVES CULTURE…I’m not sure if there is a more powerful phrase in life. The language we use determines the culture of our team, our workplace, our family, EVERYTHING. Language builds you up or tears you down. Words help you achieve goals you never thought possible or paralyze you in disbelief.  How we communicate with our clients and our colleagues, results in either a remarkable or unremarkable experience. Unfortunately, most organizations tend to forget or not invest in this important culture shaping detail.

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Topics: Client Experience, Culture