Who We Are

InCite Performance Group is a private client group and membership program for some of the top Independent Insurance Agencies and Brokerages in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. InCite Performance Group is comprised of over 125 members representing approximately $4 billion (U.S.) in premiums.

Membership Exclusivity

We only allow one member per marketplace. The value of this territorial exclusivity is access to all of InCite Performance Group's intellectual capital, tools, resources, training, advising, networking opportunities, as well as the ability to attend our live events.

Why This Matters to You

Territorial exclusivity allows member agencies and brokerages to be the only organization in the membership in their marketing territory. This gives members the resources to completely differentiate themselves from their competition. It also provides a platform of openness to share intellectual capital, ideas, and learning from some of the most elite agencies and brokerages worldwide.

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